Hudson Valley Deal: $12 for 8 GB Flash Drive Wristband (plus Shipping)

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You’re at an important business meeting, ready to give a presentation. You're finally called to speak and as soon as you get up, you realize you left your laptop at the office. You know, the laptop with your entire PowerPoint presentation on it. Er um. Now what? Or perhaps you just like to have all your precious digital photos or music backed up and with you or you want to bring work to and from home easily. Always be prepared!

You can do all of that, stylishly. Get a $23.95 On Hand 8 GB flash memory USB drive bracelet for only $12 (+$3.90 S&H). Choose from 34 colors and combos!

The On Hand wristband is an 8 GB USB flash drive wristband that makes storing your digital files portable, convenient and stylish. This USB flash drive bracelet will store any of your digital files from papers and PowerPoints to songs and pictures, completely eliminating the hassle of scouring your office for something to help you backup your data, or when you’re out of the office and you want to bring your data with you without having to lug your laptop around. It’s the perfect accessory for the business professional/Boy or Gal Scout who’s always prepared!

Note: Deals are not available to use until after the purchase period closes.
- Promotional value expires May 17, 2013
- Only 5 Voucher(s) per customer; 3 as a gift
- Shipping of $3.90 not included