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Live Maine Lobster Dinner for 4 -- $109.99 (Value $249.99)
Lobster Roll Kit 6-Pack -- $89.99 (Value $139.99)
10 Maine Lobster Tails (4-5 ounces each) -- $99.99 (Value $239.99)
Jonah Crab Claw Kit -- $69.99 (Value $139.99)
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There are so many reasons to buy Maine lobster packages shipped right to you or someone you care about and here are just a few. It makes a great gift for someone far away from Maine, like Iowa where there’s no ocean in sight. You can just sit at home sipping Champagne and 10 lobster tails will come right to you. Get all the fixings for a delicious lobster roll (well, 6 of them) without having to pick out the meat with your own delicate hands. We’re not even only talking lobster. Two words -- Jonah crab. All shipped right to your door, all fresh from Maine. Choose from four terrific fresh Maine seafood packages from Portland’s own Get Maine Lobster. Just pick your deal at checkout!

Live Maine Lobster Dinner for 4 for just $109.99 (plus shipping), reg. $249.99

  • 4 live Maine lobsters (1.1-1.2 lb)

  • 4 lbs Maine mussels

  • 4 Maine crab cakes

  • Detailed cooking instructions included

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10 Maine lobster tails (4-5 oz) -- just $99.99 (plus shipping), reg. $239.99

  • 100% frozen Maine lobster tails

  • 4-5 ounces each

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Lobster Roll Kit 6- Pack -- just $89.99 (plus shipping), reg. $139.99

  • 1 lb Maine tail, claw, knuckle and leg lobster meat

  • 6 New England-style split top rolls

  • Secret spice blend

  • Detailed cooking instructions


Maine Jonah Crab Claw Kit -- just $69.99 (plus shipping), reg. $139.99

  • 5 lbs (30 to 40 full claws per 5 lbs) fresh-frozen Maine Jonah Crab Claws

  • Cocktail Sauce (9 oz)

  • Crab Mallet

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Click here for more details. Get Maine Lobster offers freshly caught live Maine lobster delivered to you. Offerings include Jonah crab, full lobster dinners, lobster roll kits and more.
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