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Seacoast, NH Deal: 50% Off Medically Supervised HCG Weight Loss Program

Seacoast HCG
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You started running and now do Pilates. The “bad fats” have been banished from your diet--it’s a spritz of fresh lemon juice and a snip of herbs that flavor your broccoli now, not a huge ladleful of Hollandaise sauce. Red meat only once a week is the rule, red wine, ok, one glass a day. You are doing everything you can to get fit and lose weight. So why isn’t it working the way you expected?

Today’s deal brings you the weight loss program everyone’s been talking about. Spend $399 and get two doses of medical grade, Doctor prescribed HCG with an initial consult and a semi-private seminar with Dr. Douglas Wine of Seacoast HCG in Hampton. That’s worth $800!

With this real HCG Diet Protocol you can lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days. This deal offers two rounds of the program, each 20 days long, and Dr. Wine will help you determine just what’s right for you.

So what is HCG? You might have heard about HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in the media. It’s a bio-identical hormone that exists in every tissue of the human body in tiny amounts and is produced in large amounts during pregnancy. Through research and trials it was discovered that the HCG hormone allowed women to use the stored fat in their bodies as a source of energy while retaining lean muscle, the basis for this program.

This is not an over-the-counter HCG product, it is a medically prescribed program that requires physician supervision. For over 50 years, men and women all over the world have enjoyed great results with the HCG Diet. Overweight patients have the ability to rapidly lose weight by utilizing their stored fat as daily energy consumption while stabilizing their metabolism, so that they keep the weight off for good. This pharmaceutical HCG is the safest, easiest HCG available. Not only will you lose weight, but many report improvement in hair, nails and skin, a better mood and enhanced memory.

While the program is not for everyone (please read our fine print and call Dr. Wine if you have any questions), Dr. Wine will work with you to make the most of your program, advising you about what to eat and drink and when during all phases of the program. After your program is completed, you can choose to continue to work with Dr. Wine with diet, exercise and more to keep your new, trimmer body. You worked hard and that’s great, now you can continue your weight loss plan the HCG way!
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- Promotional value expires September 13, 2012
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- Appointments subject to availability
- Should not be used by people with severe thyroid conditions,
who are pregnant or who currently have cancer. Other medical
restrictions apply. Please call for more information.

About Seacoast HCG

Click here for more details. Dr. Douglas A. Wine has been enhancing health through Chiropractic for over two decades in Europe and the United States. Dr. Wine is certified in over thirty different health techniques and applications such as Chiropractic, Cold Laser Technique, Nutritional Counseling, Applied Kinesiology, Exercise, Neurology, Psychology, Homeopathy and Phytotherapy. He holds a license to practice in the state of Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and throughout the European Union.
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