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Today's Deal: 50% Off Radiator Flush! Just $24.99!

Medford Oil Change
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When’s the last time you had your car radiator flushed? You’re good at bringing the “steel steed” in for oil changes and tune ups (or as good as anyone can be), but what about that hunk of aluminum sitting just behind your grill that spends all day keeping your car from overheating? Most people overlook the radiator when performing regular maintenance. As it turns out, calcium, rust and dirt begin to collect inside the honeycombed inner-workings of your car radiator, which can lead to poor fuel economy, overheating and even a shortened life of the car altogether. Wait, did you just say poor fuel economy? I knew that factoid would be the one that stuck out the most. With gas prices as they are these days, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of every drop in that tank.

Today’s deal gets you a full radiator flushing appointment from the good people at Medford Oil Change for only $24.99! THAT’S 50% OFF! This deal includes most vehicles which is terrific too! Plus, it includes 10 quarts of antifreeze!

Come on in to Medford Oil Change, where a friendly and knowledgeable auto technician is waiting to assist you with a quick and painless radiator flushing treatment that includes a refill of your radiator’s precious antifreeze life blood! Take to the roads with the confidence that only comes from knowing your vehicle is well maintained and reliable in any situation. That’s the kind of peace-of-mind that money can’t buy, but thanks to Limelight, the money you’ll spend on the service is next to nothing! Order yours today, because auto service deals like this one sell out quickly when everybody’s thinking about last-minute auto upkeep before the winter hits!

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- Promotional value expires December 31 2011
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- May be a surcharge on some makes/models

About Medford Oil Change

Click here for more details. Medford Oil Change has been providing the greater Medford area with full service oil changes, diesel oil changes, fuel injector/intake service, air/oil/fuel filter replacement, engine flushes, radiator flushes and wiper blade replacement since 1984. They recycle and are “Green Shield Service” certified, which means they’re one of the good guys when it comes to responsible, Earth-conscious auto shop management. Open 8-5 Monday-Friday. No appointment needed.
Medford Oil Change Location:
145 N. Central Ave.
Medford, OR, 97501 Phone: (541) 772-4114 Get Directions
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